Submission Guidelines

To submit to Complete Sentence, please paste your single-sentence story, essay, or review into the submission form at the bottom of the page. You can also email us your work directly at Please indicate what genre you are submitting to, and include a single-sentence third person bio. If you are submitting art, please email as an attachment.


What are we looking for?



We like the punchy and bizarre, the speculative, but also that throwback Kmart realism, anything that makes us cry, or laugh, or ideally, cry and laugh at the same time.


We want your single-sentence memoir, your lyric essay, and hell, maybe even your heady researched work that explores how experience and identity impact the way we move through the world.


Send us your cut-and-paste collages of cat pictures you printed out from the internet, your watercolors painted with spilled coffee, your photos of plastic bags caught in trees, rippling in the wind like ghosts.


Submit as much visual art as you like, but please send only one sentence at a time, and wait a month after hearing back from us to submit new writing—we have a very small team and this makes reading and selecting work for publication more manageable.

Complete Sentence exists outside the cogs of capitalism, and so, regrettably we don't have money to pay our contributors. We will, however, rep your work hard on Twitter.


All rights revert back to the author immediately after publication.