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Intuition on Earth

By Brenna Cheyney

In the kitchen, suddenly, the image of our first embrace, after the longest wait, rushing towards each other with, “I’m so in love with you,” and hands winding around heads and hair and fully entangled into a kiss, this image, went from brain to clitoris and back up again, then switched to you hugging me from behind, in that kitchen, with your left arm under my left breast and your right hand between my thighs, and your kiss with an exhale on my neck, and whoa, I was seriously turned on and wondering, “is he thinking of me?” so I opened Instagram, and there, just now, was your exploding party favor emoji in reaction to my “eating the first pea” video, and that’s when I confirmed what I already knew— we are truly, deeply & telepathically connected & it will be well worth the wait...or maybe not, because I told you and you gaslit me, and our interactions were still friendly at first, but now you seem to be getting more and more agitated and unable to face what I challenge you to crack open: all parts of you, including the shadows you’ve been avoiding since Catholic school and self-harm, and your mom passing away all too soon.

Brenna Cheyney is a non-binary, pansexual, ecocentric, eco-anxious, artist, activist, author of UNINLOVEABLE: A book of faction prosetry, Biological Science Intern at TreePeople, member of The Future Left, member of the LA Tenants Union, Los Angeles native, CA native plant nerd, sober except weed & shrooms, dog person...and they are still single.


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