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take a breath count one two—

By Kari Treese

I got this advice once to put it in a letter and stuff the letter into a drawer and set a reminder on my phone for one month and then at the end of the one month I was supposed to open the letter and read it and if what the letter contained still felt true I was supposed to send it to him so he could understand what truth I was living in without me having the weight of telling him the truth but it was still weight to write it down and the therapist said well yeah that is the work we are doing here and I was still anxious then and I am still anxious now and I never sent the letter but I did turn the letter into an erasure because I was a poet at the time of the letter writing and I still have the erasure file but I no longer have the letter but my father is dead so it doesn’t matter anyway.

Kari Treese is a fish loving math teacher who reads for Atticus Review with an MFA from Mills College with words in Pithead Chapel, Lunch Ticket, Hobart, CutBank, and others and a twitter account that isn't as cool as she'd like it to be @kari_treese.

Art by Kari Treese.


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