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The Worms

By Jade Braden

It had been raining earlier the evening that the girl was walking, dodging worms on the sidewalk which she quietly laughed at, thinking there must be some better place to gather than a dirty sidewalk, practically waiting to be stomped on, maimed—obliterated even—so unable to protect themselves from whatever came their wayher boots included, as clustered as they were in her path… but the thought was interrupted when she caught sight of her friends, vibrant in the wash of neon light spilling out of the bars, inviting her to remove her facemask to say “sorry I’m late: the kid I nanny got a fever and was absolutely clinging to me until his parents got home, oh, and the worms, so gross.”

Jade Braden is an author and artist based in southeast Ohio; she can be found on her website and twitter @jadewcb.

Photo by Jade Braden.


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