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When someone wears white after Labor Day in Wichita

By Amy Barnes

a tornado flattens all the corners of the Casual Corner I manage after we help dress the local news anchor in a news anchor flat accent suit, flat white like a Starbucks drink, flat against her chest because she isn’t a weather girl, flat because my assistant manager who I didn’t know was stealing the store bit by bit in her wood-paneled station wagon helped to steam the off-white suit on the flat woman with flat jewelry for television and a paper doll flat shirt for underneath the suit, all the while the weather girl should have paid more attention to the weather and not her skin-tight, not-flat outfit which meant no one knew the tornado was coming until there were flattened mannequins left in the flattened mall and only a stack of weather girl sweaters on weather girl mannequins in the assistant manager's trunk, all jumbled and bumpy and busty.

Amy Cipolla Barnes lives in the South with dogs and kids and words and at @amygcb on Twitter.


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